How to Travel with Your Pet

Travelling with your pet

How to travel with your pet.

Although there is plenty of information available on how to travel with your pet, most pets prefer to stay in the familiar surroundings of their home with a pet sitter or will cope far better booked into a local boarding kennels/cattery. Cats certainly do not like travelling and will be unable to go out and about on holiday. Unless you are gong to be able to spend plenty of time with dog, how to travel with your pet becomes irrelevant, as it will be far better to leave him at home!

If you are planning to move house, it will be essential to travel with your pet and to plan the journey and get all the relevant paperwork organised in good time – especially if your pet will have to go into quarantine. It is best to start checking out all the requirements well in advance. And good advice can be found on such websites as https://www.bluecross.

How to travel with your pet in a car.

Taking your dog on holiday

It is essential that your pet travels safely and is not allowed to roam around the car as this could distract you. The  best way to transport your pet is in a dog or cat carrier anchored to the back seat using the rear seat belts. Although it sounds romantic to have your dog sitting on the passenger seat with his head out of the window, this is not a good idea as he could get something in their eye or if the air bag suddenly opens for whatever reason, your pet could get injured. There are pet harnesses on the market that can be used in conjunction with the rear seat belts, but most pets do not like them.

With your pet safely in a pet carrier on the back seat, all should go well. Packs of absorbent liners can be bought n pet shops which can be put on the floor of the carrier and these are easy to clear up. Break the journey regularly and take your dog for a walk on the leash. Offer food and water and wait a little until beginning the next leg of the journey. Be really careful when getting your dog out of the car and make sure the leach is firmly attached before opening the door.

Pets on a Plane

Never leave your pet in the car unattended. Every year there are horror stories about dogs that have died because they were left in cars and became too hot. On a warm day, the temperature inside a car can rise to a dangerous level in just ten minutes.

How to travel with a pet by train.

Many trains do allow pets in the carriages. Small dogs and cats can be transported in animal carriers – which incudes the soft sided ones that can be  purchased in a rucksack style. It is best to check with the company as soon as you decide to make the trip as each company has its own rules and regulations.

How to travel with a pet in an aircraft.

The first thing to do is to have a word with your Vet about whether flying is a good idea where your animal is concerned and whether your pet is in good health to make the trip. If you have a breed of dog such as boxers, bulldogs and pugs or a Persian cat as they can be vulnerable to oxygen deprivation. Ask your Vet’s advice about tranquillisers for your pet as this can help your pet to cope with the journey.

Check the various routes available to you as a direct flight is essential for your pet.

Contact the airline in good time and see if it is possible for your pet to travel on the same flight as you and in the cabin ( . Most airlines only carry a certain number of cats and dogs per flight in the cabin and they do have maximum size measurements for cat/dog boxes. Some airlines only carry pets in the cargo hold and there are extra tips available online if you have to transport your pet in this way ( .Check with the airline what type of pet carrier they allow, what size it must be and whether they require any health requirements such as a ‘fit to fly’ certificate from your Vet and are there any immunisation requirements. Also confirm the total cost at this stage.

The airline will also advise you about check-in times for you and your pet and the security procedure you will have to follow with your pet. If your pet will have to travel in the luggage hold, you will be advised what you have to do to claim your pet once you have landed at your destination.

How to travel with a pet by ship.

Pets are not usually allowed on cruise ships unless they are specially trained assistance dogs. A few do allow pets in cabins but most insist that the pet stays in the ship’s kennels.

It is best to contact the cruise line as soon as possible to discuss the policy regarding pets.

Ferry companies often allow pets to travel if they are confined to your car and this will only be suitable if the crossing is not too long.

If you are travelling through the Channel Tunnel between the UK and France, pets can travel in your car in a pet carrier. Make sure you keep the car as cool as possible during the crossing.

Travelling with your pet is never easy and unfortunately, many pets do find the whole experience stressful. The best advice of all is to leave your pet at home or if you really do need to make the journey with them, ensure you contact the company involved as well in advance as possible so that travelling with your pet proves as stress-free as possible….

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