If you decided to travel long-term, there is a high possibility you are on a limited budget and having some income on the go would be a great thing. Luckily, you have internet access pretty much anywhere today and there are many ways of earning money while traveling as well. Just because you decided to travel, does not mean you will not need the money and have a decent income. In order to help you out, here are a couple of ways you can still earn money while traveling:

Learn how to be a Web Developer

Computer work

Every single website on the internet needed a web developer in order to start functioning properly. There are many websites and blogs looking for a web developer and if you are willing, you could easily do it as you travel. Companies like to hire freelancers as they find it cheaper to do so, as a freelance web developer you can earn quite a bit of money and make your travels even better than before!


Become a writer!


There are many many travel blogs and websites out there. If you find yourself to be good at writing, you should certainly try and become a writer on some of the websites. Share your experiences, stories, and opinions with others and get paid by doing so. This is a perfect chance for you to let people know about your stories, but also earn a few bucks on the go.


Try out graphic design


Just like everyone needs a web developer, everyone needs a graphic designer. Try making logos, headers and web design for the websites that are willing to hire you. If you manage to prove to be a good graphic designer, you can easily earn a lot of money and also create your own templates, designs to sell on online stores!


Create your own blog


If you have plenty of free time as you travel around the world, you could easily start your own travel blog and write about your traveling experiences. Of course, this will not be an instant high paying job, but if you put enough time in it, there is a high chance you will earn more than enough to continue your travels. The bigger the audience you attract, the more money you will earn!


Startup an online store of your wish

Work for yourself Designer Travel Planner

Etsy, Society6 and other online stores will be a great way of promoting your products and virtual goods. If you do not really have time to be writing, designing and doing much of work on your travels, setting up an online store is an amazing way of earning quick money.


Teach English


If you speak fluent English, you can earn a lot of money in various countries by actually giving out English lessons. Visit Asia for example, there they are always in need of English teachers and they will be very happy to get you something to work on. You do not have to make this a long-term job, but be a tutor for the time you need to earn some money. Try out going to Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan for example.


Take photographs

Going on holiday
Summer holidays, pink beach slippers flip flops, towel, palm tree branch and sea shells on pastel background.

If you like to take photographs and videos of the places you visit, you can actually earn money by doing so. There are various websites out there that will allow you to upload your own work and get paid for each download that occurs. This is a very easy and simple way of earning a couple of bucks passively without much effort at all.


Become an Airbnb Host!

You are traveling at the moment and your house/apartment is completely empty. Why would you not list your house/apartment on Airbnb and actually get some money while you are away? Being an Airbnb host is actually a very simple thing and it really pays off when you need it the most. Most of the time, listing your place on Airbnb will actually cover up all the costs of your travels and give you enough money to have a relaxed traveling experience you wish so very badly. You do not even have to list your entire place for Airbnb, a single room will be more than enough to support you on your travels.

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